I love to create, whether it’s made from paper, on paper, with fabric or wool, even it’s messy with paints or inks. The process of thinking up a design or following someones tutorial/pattern and seeing the finished product is so satisfying. Especially if its something I’ve gifted and the person is appreciative. I’ve done a few commissions in the past and would like to aim to do more in the future.

I have always been creative – I studied GCSE Art and Design and GCSE Art. I passed these both with flying colours and I kick myself that I never explored this further with A-Levels or further education. I guess there is always that ‘maybe I could still…’ but having a full time job I’m juggling enough for now.

I’ve gone through ‘seasons’ of different crafts – from cross stitch, card making, drawing, painting (acrylic, watercolour and alcohol inks) to Fimo creations – my latest love for creating came from buying a second-hand sewing machine some 5 and a half years ago. I made a soft toy, in the shape of a Hippo with some Jersey material and faux suede. My then four and a half year old asked if she could have it. She still has him, however, lesson learned with Jersey stretch material – as not being the best for withstanding being chucked around, trampled on the floor or carried and swung everywhere – he is full of holes and I’ve attempted to patch him. He’s looking worse for wear now-a-days.

Having ‘tried out the sewing machine’ which you can see is an old model – it’s fair to say I was hooked. I then made several soft toys and a few pillow cases. I have most recently started making patch work keepsake toys made with baby clothes. These make beautiful memory items – they’re not to be played with as they cannot be CE tested.