Throw back drawings ….

Having a look back at some of the items I’ve drawn over the past few years and came across these two… I had never been a fan of Star Wars – I always turned it over when it was on the TV. Even when they did episode I, II and III – I couldn’t bring myself to watch them.

BOBA FETT – The Bounty Hunter

He’s not in the films very much. I think his over all screen time is something less than 7 minutes. He has however, become a much loved villain by many many people.

Boba Fett


She is portrayed/played by Gwendoline Christie who is also known for playing Brienne of Tarth in Game of Thrones. She is the Commander of the First Order’s force of Stormtroopers (who can’t shoot for sh*t).

Captain Phasma

These were created on Bristol Board paper using PrismaColor Pencils.

They both took a while to sketch out on the computer, then the real work started – adding the colour. I sometimes use the WACOM tablet, but nothing beats the good old pencil and paper.

Thinking of doing a few Lego themed drawings. I have an old Batman and Robin set I did a few years ago, but I’m thinking Star Wars and Marvel. Maybe Boba will get a Slave I ship … Watch this space.