Patched Keepsake, Sewing

Meet this cutie!

I’ve been busy making again, this time a sweet little Giraffe made from baby grows as part of the Patched Keepsake range. She was made with 4 items of clothes and I added in some of my own 30% natural wool for hair and tail.


She turned out really well and I’m very happy with the end result. The remaining baby grows/clothes will be made in to a patchwork keepsake quilt frame. Just need to figure out which bits goes where and what sizes to do the patches.

I’ve also made a start on quilting my first ever quilt. Its proving to be a mind bender, in keeping everything in place while you sandwich the backing, batting and quilt top together while ‘quilting over the top’. Thank heavens for safety pins is all I can say!


Hopefully I’ll have that to show you later in the week. I’m back at work tomorrow having had a few weeks off. I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on myself and what is important and some changes will be happening. One of the bigger changes is that I will be making more time for some ‘mindfulness’ which is sewing and drawing. Well, that’s the plan! …