On the sewing table this week…

I started a patched keepsake which is made from baby clothes. He will be heading off for his new home as soon as I get the second patched keepsake cut out and sewn up. I’m hoping that the second keepsake is a little easier to put together than this one below. I almost cried making it! The fabric just would not play!

Sneak peak

I also have two quilts that I need to sandwich and bind. Having NEVER done this before its a little daunting. I’m looking forward to learning the tricks of the trade and have been watching lots of YouTube videos to see what its all about. I’ve bought the fabric to back the quilts I need to finish and will use the same fabric to frame and bind the quilts – If I get my head around how its all done.

Thanks for popping by I’ll try and get the quilts finished asap so I can start making some patched keepsake bears.

2 thoughts on “On the sewing table this week…”

  1. That fabric looks suspiciously like Minkee, a fabric I’ve often described in less than polite terms. Go you for even working with it! I’m sure whomever receives it will love it 🥰


    1. It is Minkee. It’s a pain to work with. Stretches and moves when you don’t want it. However, if sewn right looks amazing. These pieces were from baby grows which I found hard to cut up as they’re so soft. It was more the cotton mix fabrics I had the headache with as I think my sewing machine tension wasn’t right with having two kinds of fabric … Lesson learned.

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