The beginning of a new love…

In 2013 I bought a sewing machine from a neighbour who (and I’m not sure if I’m remembering correctly) was selling it for a friend or someone she worked for as they no longer had need of it. It was an old machine, but in perfect working order. So I handed over the money and got to searching online (ebay) for some fabric. I found a nice patterned fabric – white with teal and brown floral type pattern in a stretch jersey material. It arrived and I had no clue as to what to do with it. I looked up several YouTube videos on sewing with a machine and the best fabrics to use for creating with.

I bought a contrasting fabric which was a light brown leather suede and went in search of a pattern. Funky Friends Factory was one of the first I came across and reasonably priced too.

I set myself up in the sitting room having printed off the pattern and cut out the different pieces for the creation I was to make. Little did I know that my little girl would ask for the finished item and he has become a very big part of her life. She takes him (usually) everywhere with her. He is stinky, full of holes and a few patches but he is very much loved.

Lessons learned that day, that stretch jersey fabric is NOT a durable fabric for making a soft toy that will be carried everywhere, thrown around, dropped on the floor, trampled on and basically abused as most comfort teddies and blankets are.

My gorgeous girl

That there, is pretty much it. I started sewing many things from pillow cases, to patch work memory keepsakes made with baby clothes to many cuddly toys that are intended for a shelf or bed, not for playing with. Due to the materials used (old baby grows/clothes/blankets), these are for decorative purposes only and not for little hands to play with.

I have been tasked with saving Hippo… I must try and find a before photo and take some photos of Hippo in his sorry state he is presently. I will try and blog his make over. I will need lots of luck!

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