Patched Keepsake, Sewing

Introducing Penny Penguin

I managed to find some ‘me’ time just before Christmas as things have been manic of late.

I made a beautiful Penguin which has been named Penny, with a selection of baby clothes that belong to a beautiful little girl – called Olive 🥰 I shared the finished Penguin not so long ago on my Facebook page and this weekend Penny found her way home 🥰

A small selection of clothes

I used five pieces of Olives baby clothes in total, including the one she wore home from the hospital. Such special clothing which carry special memories. Olive is a happy smiley baby girl, although I had tears yesterday and passed her back to mum. No one likes an upset bubba.

Thank you so much Stephanie for allowing me to cut up Olives clothes and create something you and Andy will cherish forever as Olive grows up.

On another note – apologies for being a little MIA. I’m currently trying to work full time, write the last couple of modules for my Masters in Advanced Clinical Practice and revalidate for my Nursing. It’s a little stressful in my head and life at the moment! I’m hoping that in the coming months I can be more organised and plan in more time to be creative with sewing my Memory Patch Keepsakes and getting some pencil or ink down on paper.

Thanks for reading – hopefully I’ll have something soon, if not a little throwback 😊


Throw back drawings ….

Having a look back at some of the items I’ve drawn over the past few years and came across these two… I had never been a fan of Star Wars – I always turned it over when it was on the TV. Even when they did episode I, II and III – I couldn’t bring myself to watch them.

BOBA FETT – The Bounty Hunter

He’s not in the films very much. I think his over all screen time is something less than 7 minutes. He has however, become a much loved villain by many many people.

Boba Fett


She is portrayed/played by Gwendoline Christie who is also known for playing Brienne of Tarth in Game of Thrones. She is the Commander of the First Order’s force of Stormtroopers (who can’t shoot for sh*t).

Captain Phasma

These were created on Bristol Board paper using PrismaColor Pencils.

They both took a while to sketch out on the computer, then the real work started – adding the colour. I sometimes use the WACOM tablet, but nothing beats the good old pencil and paper.

Thinking of doing a few Lego themed drawings. I have an old Batman and Robin set I did a few years ago, but I’m thinking Star Wars and Marvel. Maybe Boba will get a Slave I ship … Watch this space.


Playing with paper…

It has been such a long time since I last blogged… I need to get back into the swing of things, however I am still trying to find my Mojo. Once I’ve found my Mojo you will see more from me.

I have been busy, well… I was busy back in May. Since then its been a bit dead on the creative side of things.

A good friend of mine asked me a little while ago if she could commission an Orca.

Not sure where it was going to hang, how big it should be or or many specifics in mind for that matter we sat and looked through some images she liked of Orcas – splashing up through the waves, swimming downwards in multicoloured water, watercolour splashes, plain traditional to the abstract. All done over a nice meal cooked by her lovely Hubby too.

I got to work not long after and started sketching. I shared this on my Instagram account back in May – not quite sure you can see the outline very well.

Not wanting to keep things traditional and put a spin on it based on a few of the images she liked, I decided to go for a space/galaxy theme. I checked first if it was ok, and so began a messy few days of trial and error (and inky stained fingers which my patients commented on).

I was not happy with the first attempt and that one quickly ended up in the bin!

The second attempt, ended up being a base for my daughter to add to as again, I was not happy.

This is the third attempt…

up close
all framed by my fair hands

It was good to get the inks out and play with the different shades. I used so many different colours, but looking at it you cant pick them out. I had fun creating this Orca. I’m hoping my friend loves her as much as I did creating her.

Supplies used:

  • Alcohol Inks – Milled Lavender, Worn Lipstick, Tumbled Glass, Chipper Sapphire, Black Soot, Stormy Sky, Dusty Concord, Faded Jeans, Broken China
  • Windsor and Newton 300gsm Watercolour Paper
  • Uni-ball Signo – white pen
  • Numerous watercolour brushes
  • Windsor and Newton – colourless art masking fluid
  • Frame – bought locally with the mount sold separately
  • Framing tape to secure
Patched Keepsake, Sewing

Meet this cutie!

I’ve been busy making again, this time a sweet little Giraffe made from baby grows as part of the Patched Keepsake range. She was made with 4 items of clothes and I added in some of my own 30% natural wool for hair and tail.


She turned out really well and I’m very happy with the end result. The remaining baby grows/clothes will be made in to a patchwork keepsake quilt frame. Just need to figure out which bits goes where and what sizes to do the patches.

I’ve also made a start on quilting my first ever quilt. Its proving to be a mind bender, in keeping everything in place while you sandwich the backing, batting and quilt top together while ‘quilting over the top’. Thank heavens for safety pins is all I can say!


Hopefully I’ll have that to show you later in the week. I’m back at work tomorrow having had a few weeks off. I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on myself and what is important and some changes will be happening. One of the bigger changes is that I will be making more time for some ‘mindfulness’ which is sewing and drawing. Well, that’s the plan! …


On the sewing table this week…

I started a patched keepsake which is made from baby clothes. He will be heading off for his new home as soon as I get the second patched keepsake cut out and sewn up. I’m hoping that the second keepsake is a little easier to put together than this one below. I almost cried making it! The fabric just would not play!

Sneak peak

I also have two quilts that I need to sandwich and bind. Having NEVER done this before its a little daunting. I’m looking forward to learning the tricks of the trade and have been watching lots of YouTube videos to see what its all about. I’ve bought the fabric to back the quilts I need to finish and will use the same fabric to frame and bind the quilts – If I get my head around how its all done.

Thanks for popping by I’ll try and get the quilts finished asap so I can start making some patched keepsake bears.


The beginning of a new love…

In 2013 I bought a sewing machine from a neighbour who (and I’m not sure if I’m remembering correctly) was selling it for a friend or someone she worked for as they no longer had need of it. It was an old machine, but in perfect working order. So I handed over the money and got to searching online (ebay) for some fabric. I found a nice patterned fabric – white with teal and brown floral type pattern in a stretch jersey material. It arrived and I had no clue as to what to do with it. I looked up several YouTube videos on sewing with a machine and the best fabrics to use for creating with.

I bought a contrasting fabric which was a light brown leather suede and went in search of a pattern. Funky Friends Factory was one of the first I came across and reasonably priced too.

I set myself up in the sitting room having printed off the pattern and cut out the different pieces for the creation I was to make. Little did I know that my little girl would ask for the finished item and he has become a very big part of her life. She takes him (usually) everywhere with her. He is stinky, full of holes and a few patches but he is very much loved.

Lessons learned that day, that stretch jersey fabric is NOT a durable fabric for making a soft toy that will be carried everywhere, thrown around, dropped on the floor, trampled on and basically abused as most comfort teddies and blankets are.

My gorgeous girl

That there, is pretty much it. I started sewing many things from pillow cases, to patch work memory keepsakes made with baby clothes to many cuddly toys that are intended for a shelf or bed, not for playing with. Due to the materials used (old baby grows/clothes/blankets), these are for decorative purposes only and not for little hands to play with.

I have been tasked with saving Hippo… I must try and find a before photo and take some photos of Hippo in his sorry state he is presently. I will try and blog his make over. I will need lots of luck!


Hello and Welcome

Hi there…

…and welcome to my little bubble. This is where I will showcase my art and creative makes. I will be actively posting on Facebook however, I may waffle way more in my blog posts. Please click on the ‘Blog’ link in the menu above to see what my latest creative make is.

If you see something you like or would like to commission something, please contact me to discuss further.

Happy reading.

~ Kim ~